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Festival makeup looks with SPECTRA & COLOUR ALCHEMY

Festival season is just around the corner, start planning your festival looks early. 

A way to express yourself in the most colourful, fun and exciting way, festival makeup has become an iconic cultural element among festival goers. With the release of Euphoria in 2019, we've seen a rise in bold and graphic eye looks, the use of gems, glitter and brightly coloured eyeliner and eyeshadows making their way into the mainstream.

A style of makeup that relies on the self-expression and confidence of the wearer, much of this style is reminiscent of the early 2000s and Y2K trend. Think blue eyeshadow, thin eyebrows and glossy lips.

We're going to share with you some of our favourite looks.


A menagerie of colour

Try three shades of COLOUR ALCHEMY – Andrite, Borealis & Peacock.


Credit: Laura Dester


The celestial buzzcut

Use COLOUR ALCHEMY Hair for a bold buzzcut look and even add some jewels like the look below. Wearing shade Peacock.


Credit: mikahchay


The simple sleek

Keep it simple and sleek your hair back with a coating of COLOUR ALCHEMY in shade Peacock. 


Credit: @khleopatre


An ornate design

Use COLOUR ALCHEMY in shade Andrite to create a striking pattern in your hair that comes alive with temperature. 


Credit: Laura Dester


Go bold with colour

The COLOUR ALCHEMY & SPECTRA duo. Layer SPECTRA shade 8.08𝚫 on top of a vibrant eyeshadow and match it your hair. COLOUR ALCHEMY shade Peacock.


Credit: Laura Dester


The graffitied canvas

Go for an allover design like the one below, here we see SPECTRA in hidden grey, shade 8.08𝚫.


Credit: @issy_hine


The graphic liner 

Use SPECTRA in 4.10𝚫 to create an intricate graphic liner look that transforms into a reflective look fit for the metaverse.

 SPECTRA graphic liner

Credit: @pearloma


The gradient cut-crease

Combine your SPECTRA in shade 4.10𝚫 with a gradient eyeshadow and classic cut-crease look.

The SPECTRA gradient cut-crease

Credit: @deathbyromy


The polka dots

Layer SPECTRA in shade 4.10𝚫 with brightly coloured polka dots of all sizes.


Credit: @urgalsal_


The reflective bags

Cover your bags in SPECTRA shade 8.08𝚫 and let them shine online.



Credit: @sovradosaggio



Metaverse makeup

Create a bold, reflective look that's only visible in the metaverse with SPECTRA in shade 8.08𝚫, giving a soft grey look in reality.


 Credit: @kaltblut_magazine


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