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In conversation with Mathilda Mace @tildax_x_

From creating creature muscle suits to red carpet space looks, Mathilda is a makeup, SFX artist and 3D designer, creating work with an otherworldly air to it.

Q: We've been following your work for some time now and love what you've been doing, where do you find the motivation to create such unique looks?

Mathilda: A lot of Motivation for me comes from films and the creatures that I've seen in films. I always go back to using this reference, but Bram Stoker's Dracula was such a stunning reference point for me to be inspired by. The Costumes, makeup, SFX creatures... Everything is just so original. I’ve made a pact with myself to only take inspiration from places that are unique and to try not to take inspiration from makeup artists on Instagram because I think people copy way too much nowadays.

Q: This month we've been exploring the duality of light and dark, is this something that impacts your work?

Mathilda: For sure, as an artist who uses shadows and highlights to create depth in all of my work, whether it be muscle shading, making hybrid shapes/creatures with shading, or producing intricate trippy makeup, I feel it’s all mastered with the beauty of light and dark. I have also been experimenting with light play at the moment, and painting on light effects with makeup.

Q: What's your favourite part of your job?

Mathilda: I would say my favourite part of my job is having the privilege to create visuals and bring concepts to life using different skills - whether it's casting and sculpting or painting ideas and glam moments. I love seeing works come together and working amongst other amazing people. It works so well with my erratic brain which is always wanting to come up with new ideas to bring to life.

Q: You recently used SPECTRA in a makeup look for @fkatwigs for the Fashion Awards, what was your inspiration behind that iconic look?

Mathilda: Yes, SPECTRA really brought that look to life. I've been working on the beauty of sound frequency patterns and labyrinth patterns with Twigs, and for this look the inspiration was along those lines. I wanted to give it an unnatural ethereal blurred/ hallucinative feel, something that could be captured from a far away camera and create hypnosis. Spectra really helped me to do that!

Q: What's one thing that's unseen that you'd like to see?

Mathilda: I'd love to see more of nature's earthly stunning moments in our artwork and design. I'd love to see people look to nature more to inspire their work, animals/ trees/ the way things mutate. I think that's something that's quite unseen still.

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