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What do your eyes say about you?

Colour has always played a vital role in how we communicate, experience and view the world. Combined with the physical composition of our eyes, they can say a lot, like how we’re feeling, or what we might be thinking. The colour of our eyes is determined by the amount of melanin in the iris, and each iris is as unique as a fingerprint; there's nothing quite like it—just like the thermal mapping of your eyelid, which you can highlight with COLOUR ALCHEMY Eye System. But first, let’s take a deep dive into what your eyes say.


The eyes are often referred to as the windows to the soul. They’re not just organs for vision, but also powerful communicators that convey a wealth of information about our emotions and personality. Our eyes can reveal a lot about us, even when we’re not consciously aware of it.


Emotions are vividly expressed through our eyes: when we’re happy, our eyes light up, and our pupils dilate. Alternatively, when we’re sad or upset, our eyes may appear teary, and the pupils may constrict. Our eyes can also show when we’re surprised, fearful or angry, as the muscles around the eyes and eyebrows react to these emotions. For example, raised eyebrows can signal surprise, while furrowed brows can indicate anger or frustration. In social interactions, our eyes play a significant role in conveying our emotional state to others, often automatically, without us realising it.



Beyond emotions, our eyes can also reveal clues about our personality. Research has shown that people with certain personality traits tend to have distinct eye movement patterns. Extroverts, for instance, tend to make more eye contact and have more frequent and longer gazes, while introverts may avoid prolonged eye contact and exhibit shorter and less frequent gazes. Our eyes can also reveal our level of confidence, assertiveness—and even our level of honesty. Studies have shown that people who maintain direct eye contact are often perceived as more confident and trustworthy, while avoiding eye contact may be interpreted as a sign of shyness, anxiety or deceit.



In addition to emotions and personality, our eyes can provide insights into our physical and mental well-being, through the study of iridology, Health conditions such as allergies, fatigue and stress can manifest in our eyes and be analysed through the iris. Dark circles, redness, puffiness or drooping eyelids can be signs of lack of sleep, allergies, or stress. Bloodshot eyes may indicate inflammation or infection, while dilated pupils may suggest arousal or heightened stress levels. Our eyes can also provide clues about our mental state. Prolonged stress or anxiety may cause changes in the appearance of our eyes, such as bloodshot eyes or dark circles, which can be indicative of chronic stress or anxiety-related disorders.


Apart from emotions, personality and health, our eyes can also reveal our level of engagement and interest. When we are genuinely interested in something or someone, our eyes tend to focus intently, and our pupils may dilate. On the other hand, when we are disinterested or distracted, our eyes may wander or lose focus. Our eyes can also provide nonverbal cues during communication. For example, maintaining eye contact while listening can signal attentiveness, while looking away or avoiding eye contact may suggest disinterest or lack of engagement.

When our eyes have so much value in self-expression, makeup allows us to extend this further. Whether it’s a neat feline-flicked eyeliner, seductive smokey eyeshadow or doe-eyed swipe of mascara, there’s infinite ways to say—and feel—more with makeup. That’s why we developed COLOUR ALCHEMY Eye System—a temperature-reactive eye colour that’s completely unique to you, yet can be worn in a range of looks from an intriguing glimmer of holographic colour to a maximalist look that makes others do a double-take.

Our eyes are more than just organs for vision; they are a reflection of our inner world. They can communicate our emotions, personality, physical and mental well-being, and engagement interest levels. They are a powerful tool in social interactions, providing nonverbal cues that can influence how others perceive us. Whether you use eye makeup to boost your confidence, capture others’ attention or express your creativity, COLOUR ALCHEMY Eye System is the future of eye colour.

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