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In conversation with THE UNSEEN Beauty team

Meet THE UNSEEN Beauty team.

Get to know the people behind the products, as we ask the team:

What's one thing that's unseen, that you'd like to see?

Lauren Bowker, Founder of THEUNSEEN

A material scientist and alchemist, Lauren is the creative behind the brand and works closely with each of the teams.

A: I would love to see energy! 

Amy Theofanous, R&D Manager

Identifying and evaluating new materials, ingredients, and packaging innovations, Amy can find and understand how we can apply them in cosmetics. She also works with the R&D and NPD teams to learn more about these technologies and build relationships with our innovation partners.

A: Anything where visualising data would make it easier to solve or understand a problem, anything from bacteria or germs that reduce transmission of diseases and illnesses.

Talia Klein, New Product Development Manager

Responsible for product development at THE UNSEEN Beauty, Talia oversees the product pipeline through ideation to concept launch. She also supervises all things supply chain and distribution, working with our partners to ensure our products are delivered to customers on time.

A: I would want to be synaesthetic and see sounds. 

Rodrigo Scopel, Principle Scientist

Leading the design, technical assessment and introduction of new technologies into innovative colour cosmetics prototypes, Rodrigo is also responsible for the implementation of data insights to effectively identify and analyse problems.

A: One thing I'd like to see is sound.

Marion Neron-Rousset, Senior Formulations Chemist

Working closely with the rest of the R&D team, Marion's role sits at the heart of innovation – taking raw materials, developing and testing them to create various different makeup products and formulations

A: I think general health, it would be nice to see our health without having to undergo a heap of tests – so we'd be able to see when something is not right before we feel the symptoms.  

Wanischa Sirivarangkun, Senior Marketing Manager

Managing all things marketing, from the website, socials, influencers, email, and performance. Wanischa also manages the marketing team itself and relationships with external agencies.

A: I'd really like to see dreams! 

Richard Oliver, CEO

Heading up strategic, financial and operational aspects of the brand, Richard works closely with Lauren in understanding which direction the brand goes.

A: My answer would be pain in the body. If we could see pain, we could help people get better care, more quickly.

Sajal Azam, Marketing Copywriter

Sajal crafts all written communications for the brand, from social posts to newsletters, blogposts and website copy, ensuring it's in THE UNSEEN Beauty voice.

A: Love! It would be great to see the feeling of love and people's auras. 

Mia Eccles-Jones, Community and Content Executive

Working closely with the THE UNSEEN Beauty community, Mia looks after the social accounts, liaising with brands, customers and people from our inner Circle.

A: I would love to see through other people’s views and perceptions on life, even the little things, such as what people are drawn to in an image etc...

Laura Dester, Digital Content Creator

Our in-house photographer and content creator, Laura is the face behind the camera on each of our shoots, creating innovative imagery and video for products and campaigns.

A: I’d like to see the ripple effect that all of our actions, even the smallest ones, have on everything else. I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of everything being interconnected. Every action has a corresponding reaction, which is itself an action with a reaction, this gives weight and importance to the ways we behave and move in the world.

Claudia Gemperle, Graphic Designer

Claudia creates THE UNSEEN Beauty's stand-out visual language, as well as striking digital assets for web, email and socials – making sure all content looks on brand.

A: I'd like to see memories.





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