Meet Algae Black™ the world’s first non-toxic, sustainable black pigment in beauty.

Most black pigments used in beauty products today are not sustainable. They are made from toxic crude oil, coal, or non-renewable resources like iron oxide, which are often unethically mined.

Our goal was to create a sustainable and ethically produced black pigment safe for beauty that performs as well as traditional black pigments.

That's why we created the ABSORPTION collection using Algae Black™, the world's first non-toxic and sustainable black pigment in beauty, made from upcycled Algae biomass

The ABSORPTION collection is perfect for anyone looking for a high-performance mascara and eyeliner that’s better for the planet.

THE UNSEEN Beauty ABSORPTION collection with Algae Black

THE UNSEEN Beauty ABSORPTION collection with Algae Black

ABSORPTION Mascara & Liner

The ABSORPTION collection is built with biology. 

The Algae Black™ lengthening mascara and long-wearing pencil liner housed in a cellulose barrel is made using carbon-negative upcycled pigments derived from Algae organisms. 

At THE UNSEEN, we believe in doing things differently; we invent colour in cosmetics by pioneering new colour experiences and conscious colour choices for our community. We strive to create innovative world-first makeup with endlessly creative results. 

Not all our products transform in colour; some we invent to disrupt the beauty industry and provide better alternatives to what already exists. We’re inventors, and where we see a gap, we close it.

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THE UNSEEN Beauty ABSORPTION collection with Algae Black