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How to apply COLOUR ALCHEMY Hair

Applying COLOUR ALCHEMY Hair: 

01. Simply paint or sponge the COLOUR ALCHEMY Hair liquid onto clean hair. 

02. Comb through and dry with a hair dryer or leave to dry naturally. 

TOP TIP: Gently comb the product through when it's still wet to ensure even application through the hair and avoid overbrushing as the product dries as this will remove the product. 




Applying COLOUR ALCHEMY Hair on textured hair: 

01. Prep the hair.

02. Simply apply using a sponge, fingers, brush, or spray on the product

03. Depending on your texture and desired look, comb through and blow dry.


Activating COLOUR ALCHEMY Hair prismatic effect: 

01. Once the product has dried, watch the colours fluctuates depending on the temperature of your environment. 

NOTE: Colour change activates between 28-33 ºC (82-91 ºF). The speed of the colour change depends on the change in temperature or change in the strength of UV light. It can happen quickly and dramatically. If you go from inside to outside on a sunny day or use hot air from a blow dryer, the colour transforms with ease. 



01. Wash out with shampoo and conditioner as normal.

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