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What is the Meaning of Brilliance?

Brilliance—it’s a word we can use to describe a person, experience or object, but what does it really mean? By definition, brilliance can mean an “intense brightness of light” or “exceptional talent or intelligence”: both of which are components ingrained deep into THE UNSEEN Beauty’s DNA.

We believe that true brilliance is a quality that captivates the senses and ignites our imagination, transcending the ordinary or expected, and is therefore fundamental to our sources of inspiration, our product development and the resulting effects. A combination of physical qualities and innovation, brilliance can be displayed through authentic creativity, brilliant light or colour, or pioneering formulas. Beyond the surface, brilliance can often be found in unexpected places: from hidden talents and skills to new perspectives or different approaches that can create newfound opportunities and breakthroughs.

At THE UNSEEN Beauty, we’ve created formulas that harness the power of innovation and technology to allow you to explore your curiosity and unleash your creativity. We’ve tapped into the essence of brilliance to explore alchemy in all its forms, uniting scientists, strategists and creatives to reveal the world in new ways.

Our first launch, SPECTRA, was an amalgamation of this mission to bring the unseen to the every day—amplifying the ‘reveal factor’ with a matte inky black or a translucent silver/grey cream eye colour that transforms to a brilliantly bright, reflective silver under a phone camera's flash. Founder Lauren Bowker explains, “What we traditionally put onto our skin is static. What’s beautiful about being human is that we’re alive. We change, we adapt, and our skin fluctuates. I saw this intersection where people weren’t given products that can truly adapt and reflect with them and their emotions”—and that was the springboard for SPECTRA: an invitation to embrace change, celebrate individuality, and express yourself in a brave, unexpected and unique way.



The next launch, COLOUR ALCHEMY, was an extension of this ethos: a holographic hair colour that changes hues under different temperatures. Unlike static pigmented colour, each shade scatters the light in a range of kaleidoscopic hues, which transform and shift in response to temperature. COLOUR ALCHEMY replicates the iridescent visual effect of ‘structural colour’, a natural colour phenomenon found only in nature such as a peacock feather or the shell of a scarab beetle. Since nature is an endless source of awe and wonder, with some of the most remarkable plants and animals hidden in the depths of jungles or oceans, and incredible natural cell structures invisible to the naked eye, what better source of inspiration for brilliance?



With SPECTRA and COLOUR ALCHEMY, we’ve aimed to epitomise the fusion of brilliance and innovation. Through setting the myths, methods and materials of beauty on fire, we aim to empower you to redefine the boundaries of beauty so that you can let your unseen brilliance shine through.

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