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In conversation... What is innovation to us?

What is innovation?

the action or process of innovating

a new method, idea, product, etc.

From the Latin word "innovare" and "innovatio" to "innovate, the first mention of the word dates back to 1800. Innovation is essential to help us adapt and change as we move through life.

As a brand rooted in material science and innovation, we create products that transform how people see, think about and express their beauty. But what does innovation mean to us and the R&D science team behind THE UNSEEN Beauty? We asked our founder– Lauren Bowker, our R&D – Manager Amy Theofanous, Senior Formulations Chemist – Marion Neron-Rousset and Principle Scientist – Rodrigo Scolpel. Here's what they had to say.
Lauren Bowker: It's a way to see the world and yourself in a different way, inspire and move an industry forward and create something that's never been done before – new methods, solutions, ideas and products through tools around you.
Amy Theofanous: Innovation at THE UNSEEN Beauty is about challenging how things have been done before, breaking convention, and bringing ideas from other areas and industries into Beauty. We look to create meaningful change and add value to our products.
Marion: It means newness. At THE UNSEEN, we see it as bringing new ways for people to express themselves. We are proud to be challenging the status quo and opening up a world of products unseen until now.
Rodrigo: Innovation is seeing things from a different perspective. Connecting dots that were never connected before. At THE UNSEEN we transform ideas into tools that enable our community to express their most authentic self.
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