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In conversation with Tomihiro Kono @tomikono_wig

A specialist hair stylist and wig artist, @tomikono_wig creates innovative hair pieces and looks that are playful, wearable works of art.

We talked to Tomihiro Kono about his work.

Tomihiro Kono creature

Q: What does hair mean to you?
TK: It’s a magical material to play with.

Q: How’s your relationship with your own hair?
TK: I used to enjoy changing my hairstyles a lot when I was a teenager.

Q: What inspires your wigs?
TK: Mostly creatures in nature and everything that surrounds me.

Q: How do you use colour in your creations?
TK: Freely and playfully. There’s no rule.

Q: What’s your favourite look you’ve created and why?
TK: Creature waves, it’s a new wig style that I’ve invented, waves inspired by natural creatures. It’s not quite old-fashioned finger waves but something more contemporary. I love it because it’s becoming one of my signature styles.


Tomihiro Kono creature
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