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In conversation with Janina Zais @janinazais

Janina is a contemporary hair artist and face painter from Berlin, living in London. A pioneer in her craft – Janina’s bold, experimental use of colour inspired us to collaborate with her in our COLOUR ALCHEMY in the wild shoot.

Janina Zais

We sat down with her to discuss her thoughts on colour. Here’s what she had to say…

Q: Can you tell us how you go about working and choosing colours?

JZ: I go completely with my feelings and understanding of aesthetics! I'm an emotional person and colours are extremely important for me, they influence my work and my private life very much!

Q: What is colour for you?

JZ: With colours you can create your own world and a specific feeling, certain colours make me very happy and can influence my mood!

Q: Where do you think the future of beauty is going?

Authenticity is very important to me in my private life and in my work. I feel like we are moving more and more into future where we follow less of an artificial beauty ideal and celebrate ourselves with our real beauty!

Check out Janina's work and give it some love.

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