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In conversation with Eszter Magyer @makeupbrutalism

The creator behind @makeupbrutalism. Eszter is a makeup artist who's social commentary on the beauty industry and blend of human aesthetics has created much needed discourse in the space.

A close friend of THE UNSEEN Beauty, we spoke her about work, what inspires her and her thoughts on the industry.

Q: As a makeup artist, your stance and approach to makeup is unique from what we see in the industry, what inspires you?

EM: I realised I have the right to choose my own questions and answers when it comes to beauty, instead of just agreeing with everything society tells me and that's my inspiration.

Q: If you could forecast any trends in the beauty space, what do you want to see in the next five years?

EM: I just HOPE makeup will be less about "beautifying" and more about being free or brave in the future. Everyone talks so much about self-expression, and yet here we are looking the same – using the same colours, techniques and shapes on our different faces – following the written and unwritten rules of beauty standards.

Q: You've collaborated and worked with a number of magazines and brands, what's your favourite look or project to date?

EM: I prefer when there's layers to a project, not just creating makeup looks. When it's challenging and complex, when you can add a little conceptualism to the mix, it feels much more "right". I'm fortunate enough to say almost every project of mine ticks all these boxes, as brands mostly give me the freedom to shape my work, just as I prefer.

Q: What made you start @makeupbrutalism, and what message or experience do you want people to take away from it?

EM: I needed to hear my own thoughts – so I started experimenting in (visual) silence. And I guess this is the message itself too – that everyone should do the same.

Check Eszter work at @makeupbrutalism or at makeupbrutalism.com. We can't wait to see what she does next.

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