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In conversation with Ami Fall @thick.cuts

London-based hair artist Ami Fall (@thick.cuts) fuses her love for painting and hairstyling into one. With a background as a multi-disciplinary designer, Ami takes her inspiration from the world around her — organic shapes, colours and gradients. From an interest to a career, Ami's worked with the likes of Paul Smith, Martine Rose, Dazed Beauty and Kickers.

We've worked with Ami on a couple of occasions now and her gravitation towards intense, vibrant colours and original concepts is one of the many reasons we love her. We speak to Ami about tips on applying COLOUR ALCHEMY, getting into the hair industry and get an insight into where she finds her inspiration. 

Ami Fall @thick.cut

Credit: @thick.cuts

Q: Looking through your work, it's bright and full of colour – how important is colour to you in what you do?

Ami: Colour is definitely the reason I do what I do. Generallym throughout my life, I’ve always found mixing, applying and blending paints to be quite therapeutic for me. I tap into a state of focus, and then stepping away to observe the finished look is always the best part.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for the hairstyles and looks you create?

Ami: So many places honestly... life in general I suppose. I find inspiration from shapes and curves in nature, but also from textile design and fashion. Sometimes I see certain pieces or outfits, and that inspires a hair look.

@thick.cuts x @theunseenbeauty

Q: You've worked with us before on shoots and we've loved working with you, do you have any tips or tricks on how to apply COLOUR ALCHEMY?

Ami: Oooooh this is a good one. It depends on the hair type and style. Generally, start with less and if you need more you can always build it up. I really love applying the product using a tint brush on a sleek, gelled-down up-do. The holographic gradient shows up really well. If your hair is curly then I would recommend using a sponge.

Q: Do you have advice for young people looking to get into the hair industry?

Ami: Take your time, but don’t stress yourself too much about perfection. Just put your stuff out there into the world and over time, you’ll build up a visual portfolio, then the work will naturally come to you. The more you do this, the more of a network you’ll build! Set yourself a challenge of saying yes to things. Your future self will most likely thank you. :)

Q: What's one thing that's unseen that you'd like to see?

Ami: I would love to see Colour Alchemy in chrome to resemble liquid mercury, that would be insane. I could see that on some braids.

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