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Round-up: The Unseen Power of Beauty Event

Last week we opened the studio to celebrate British British Week in collaboration with the British Beauty Council. We explored The Unseen Power of Beauty throughout the evening with a live installation of SPECTRA looks on guests and open conversation.

Here are some of the highlights.

The evening began with an exciting panel of friends, featuring multidisciplinary creator and shaman Moon @michaelmoon.vision, Eszter Magyer, the creator behind @makeupbrutalism and George Driver Beauty Editor for Elle Magaziamgdriver, discussing the unseen power of beauty.

Moderated by our founder Lauren Bowker, here's some of the conversations that took place:

Lauren: What does beauty mean to you?

Eszter: When I hear the word beauty, it gives me a weird feeling. Why do we have to talk about beauty all the time? It's not the only desired outcome of makeup, and why do we call it "beauty"?

Moon: We really feel beauty is something that comes from within. For us, it's a lot about freedom and how we have the power to make it shift, so we find beauty quite a powerful thing, but it depends on how you look at the word itself.

George: When I first thought about this question, what came to mind was the idea of giving no fucks. Whether someone is breaking all the boundaries or abiding by traditional ideas around beauty, as long as it's an authentic expression of themselves, I always find that really inspiring.

Lauren: What does power mean to you?

Moon: Anything that sparks energy can be considered to be powerful, all the senses, the mind and body, are all power.

George: Yeah, I think anything that breaks out from a crowdsource in view of what beauty or something should be. When someone tries to challenge something or push something that hasn't been questioned before or done – and that's why I love your work (Lauren Bowker, THEUNSEEN), that is powerful, especially in the beauty industry to not take no as an answer. discover your own power

Eszter:I think power is freedom, that you can choose what you like and what you find aesthetic. when you know you can do anything and you discover your own interests. In our society, some people are leaders and followers and you have to be brave in this environment. 

Lauren: If there's one thing that you'd like to see that you can't currently?

Moon: I think I would like to see peace

Lauren: That's a good one, that would be my answer too.

George: I'm kinda stealing it but kinda not, I think it would be really cool to see love.

Eszter: Peace, love what else is left?

Lauren: It's not easy to do something new or be authentic in this world and it takes a lot of courage and strength to face no's and go against the grain while figuring out who you are as a person or artist. We have quite a few students and young people in today, do you have any advice that may help them if they're starting out in this space and how they can discover who they are?

<Moon: Finding out who you are and your own inner peace is important. When your true self comes out, you can start to question yourself and discover what it is you truly want, so what you do comes from a place of positivity, don't force things and go your own path, do whatever feels goods – because when has something good ever come from being forced or negativity?

Summary of the panel –

Lauren: If there's anything that you take from this, I would encourage you all to bring some peace and love to the world and to remember that the power of beauty lies within you. 

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